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Skills USA

Skills USA is showing everyone how vital career and technical education is to America’s future!!


What is Skills USA?

Skills USA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives, working together to ensure America has a skilled work force.  It helps each student excel. 

Skills USA serves students who are enrolled in programs preparing them for technical, skilled and service careers.  Skills USA adds to students’ technical training by teaching them leadership skills, teamwork, citizenship and character development.

Founded in 1965, Skills USA has developed more than 9 million well-rounded workers through active partnership between employers and educators.  They are endorsed by the US and state departments of education and is cited in federal legislation as an integral part of the technical curriculum.


An Applied Method of Learning!

Skills USA is an applied method of learning where students practice skills and build self-confidence while helping their schools and communities.  The program emphasizes high ethical standards, superior work skills, lifelong education and pride. 


Skills USA Championships

The Skills USA Championships is the showcase activity of the Skills USA organization.  This annual event brings together industry and labor representatives, educators and the public to watch students compete in hands-on skill events for a full day.  The Championships program begins at the local level with contests in classrooms nationwide.  Winners advance through district, regional and state competitions, and only the best make it to the national event.  Students benefit no matter how they place in their contests.  They test their skills, frequently make job contacts and have a chance for recognition.  State and national winners receive gold, silver and bronze medallions, scholarships, tools and other awards. 

This is the first year that CCUSD has participated in Skills USA.

Marcos White, the Sports Therapy/Medicine instructor took 6 students to regionals where they competed in the First Aid/CPR competition. Daniel Feifer and Talea Chaney won gold and silver respectively.  At the State competition in San Diego, we took 4 students. Vania Donis and Gary Berryhill won a gold medal and bronze medal repectively in the Action Skills competition.  Brandi Finney won a bronze medal in the First Aid/CPR competition.  

Congratulations to all and thank you Mr. White for your above and beyond effort you make everyday, to ensure your students are well-prepared for their adult lives.  Group pictures to the left are from State competition in San Diego(red jackets) and from the regional competition at Cal State Los Angeles (blue shirts) Also below is a photo slide show link!