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College Resources for Undocumented Students

It is very important that AB540 and The Dream Act students know of the resources that are available for college and for financing college costs. Please take a look at the following helpful resources.

CA  Dream Act:

Complete instructions for the 2023-24 CA Dream Application are online at A Dream Application worksheet, which fills the same role as the FAFSA on the Web worksheet, allows students to gather the information necessary to complete the CA Dream Application. Information on AB 540 and a CA Dream Act FAQ are also available. Students and parents requiring assistance with their CA Dream Application may call the Commission’s toll free number at (888) 224-7268 or email us at [email protected].

How to complete the California Dream Act for undocumented students:

Es muy importante que completen la aplicación para el año 2023-2024. El video no es para este año pero la aplicación no ha cambiado mucho y les puede ayudar.


Video en español:

Video in English:

Power Point of presentation

Scholarships for Non-Citizens, Citizens and AB540 students: