Culver City High School’s curriculum is built around a core of requirements in English, mathematics, history, science, foreign languages and the arts.  It is supplemented by an array of courses in a wide range of subjects at different levels of difficulty, including a strong Advanced Placement program across the curriculum.  As students progress through the school, more options become available to them.


English is required every year.  Students can self-select into classes in the ninth and tenth grades.  These classes prepare students for our English AP classes beginning in eleventh grade.  Elective courses are offered in twelfth grade in Science Fiction & Fantasy, Myth & Legends and Intercultural Literature.


Mathematics is required in the ninth through eleventh grades and is recommended in the twelfth grade.  In every grade, a wide range of programs caters to students’ different ability levels.  All levels give students the option to take AP courses in their senior year or earlier, including courses in computer science.


History is required in the ninth grade through twelfth grades.  Social studies AP classes begin being available tenth grade with our European history AP class. 


Science has a two and a half year minimum requirement.  One year of life science and one year of a physical science as well as one semester of health education.  Generally speaking students will take biology in ninth grade and chemistry in tenth grade to meet these requirements.  Beyond those classes students can choose between 9 different courses in life and physical sciences including physiology, physics and an array of AP courses.


Modern Language While only one year is required for graduation, we recommend students take a minimum of two years of a modern language.  Languages offered are Spanish, French and Japanese culminating into AP level courses.  If a student is already bi-lingual in one of the languages we offer we suggest they take an assessment with the department chair to assess their language level.  Both our Spanish and Japanese programs have immersion pathways that may lead into AP classes as early as tenth grade.


Visual and Performing Arts are required for a total of one year. Students must take a year of either visual arts or performing arts through a wide range of course options in music, theater, film, drawing and painting, ceramics, and photography.


Physical Education is required for two years.  Marching band and most CCHS sports teams will fulfill PE requirements. 


Other requirements Service learning (community service) is required of all students totaling in a minimum of 60 hours.  We recommend students explore their interests when picking what type of service learning they will be participating in.  For help in this process, students should reach out to our Career Counselor/Service Learning Coordinator ([email protected]) to help figure out what their interests may be.