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Theatre Arts Pathway (Performing Arts)

Prepare for a career in theatre arts as an actor, set designer, lighting designer, costume designer or theatre stage manager.


The Theatre Arts Pathway is a two-year program that prepares students for success at post-secondary institutions or entry into the wonderful world of theatre or entertainment.






THEATRE ARTS I             (9, 10, 11, 12)                         One Year  


Prerequisite: Interest in Theatre Arts              

Fulfills UC/CSU Requirements: YES – Subject Area – F          


Course Description: 


Theatre Arts 1 is an elementary course designed to introduce students to the various elements of the theatre and to encourage students in further participation.  Students will examine and study the role that acting, directing, sound, lights, set, costumes, make-up, and publicity play in the creation of a line production. Students will also learn the basic approach to working comfortably on the stage, through warm-ups, monologues, scene work and improvisation.  Basic techniques of movement, voice projection, character development, and performance will be taught. Students will be required to view and analyze one professional production during the semester. Guest speakers will be featured. 





ADVANCED THEATRE                                                                 (10, 11, 12)                     One Year 

Prerequisite: Theatre Arts I with grade of ‘C’ or higher and audition.                   

Fulfills UC/CSU Requirements: YES – Subject Area – F                               


Course Description: 
This course will prepare students for college-level theatre arts courses, enabling students to develop and refine their understanding, appreciation and application of the art of theatre and theatre performance by researching, designing, reporting on and performing in theatre exercises, presentations, and full performances. This course requires a much higher commitment from the student than that required by its prerequisite, Theatre I, and may lead to internships
Teacher:  TBA