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Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment Program

Culver City High School is excited to partner with West Los Angeles College and Santa Monica College to offer Dual Enrollment and or Concurrent Enrollment classes.
Dual Enrollment classes are college classes offered on the CCHS campus.
Concurrent Enrollment classes are college classes offered on the college campus with college students.

Students who participate in this program take college classes, free of charge and earn high school and college credit at the same time.  Imagine the money you will save once you are a full time student as you will have already completed these college classes!!!


Dual Enrollment Fact Sheet


Dual or concurrent enrollment programs are innovative partnerships between public schools and local community colleges that allow high school students to earn both high school and college credit as part of an alternative education option.


What should students and/or parents need to know before participating in dual enrollment?


Dual enrollment offers many benefits, such as a chance to begin college early while earning high school and college credit, master college level coursework, and learn to navigate the college environment.  However, students and parents should know the following:


  • The grades earned in dual enrollment courses will be part of the student’s CCUSD permanent record and college transcript. Poor grades in dual enrollment courses can hurt students’ chances of receiving financial aid as well as their eligibility to enroll in a four-year college or university.
  • Students might be responsible for expenses such as textbooks and supplies, transportation to and from campus, and meals while attending courses at the campus.
  • Students interested in dual enrollment should speak with their CCHS counselor prior to enrolling to determine if the program is right for them.



  • Students may register for approved courses as recommended by their high school counselor and principal.
  • All coursework taken becomes a permanent part of the student’s college academic history. Grades received or excessive drops have implications for future status involving financial assistance, athletic eligibility, academic standing, etc.
  • Complete prerequisites and arrange for testing, if necessary.
  • Students are responsible for reviewing and abiding by all academic and student policies as listed in the College Classes and in the college’s Schedule of Classes.
  • Students are required to meet all academic deadlines of the college class.


Students need to apply to the college offering the class and electronically submit their K-12 enrollment form to their counselor for approval.  If the enrollment form requests the principal’s permission, list Ms. Hamad ([email protected]) as the principal as she is over Curriculum & Instruction.



[CCUSD AR 6146.11 (b)]


Students are required to take courses required for graduation at Culver City High School. Exceptions may be made for the following reasons: 

  • A course offered at Culver City High School cannot be accommodated within a student’s schedule. 
  • A course is not offered at Culver City High School.
  • Courses that are pre-approved and completed will be added to the student’s Culver City High School transcript. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that Culver City High School receives an official transcript from the school in which the student took the course(s).
  • Culver City High School will only accept courses from accredited institutions. 
  • Classes are added to a student’s transcript and counts in their overall grade point average (GPA).
West Los Angeles College Enrollment Steps
Step 1 - Obtain Student Number
Step 2 - Submit K12 Form
Logging into the Student Portal (to complete Step 3)
Step 3 - Add Class
Need Help Enrolling????
West LA College offers Zoom Sessions on Fridays - 3:00-5:00 pm.
Student Onboarding Support (must pre-register) Click here
Student Onboarding Support ZOOM LINK
Should you have questions about Dual or Concurrent Enrollment classes, please see:
Mrs. Valverde, College Counselor
Your Counselor
Ms. Hamad, Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Instruction