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There are a few extra spots available for the 2022-2023 school year. Freshman are highly encouraged to apply. For more information, stop by room 16 to speak with Mr. Valverde. 

The Student Council at Culver City High School is composed of about 40 students, both elected and appointed. The executive body consists of 10+ students who were elected during the Spring Semester of the previous school year. Along with the executive body, Student Council consists of in-house positions including PTSA and Site Council representatives, Class Council leadership, and Student Council members.
All meetings are held in room 16 during 4th period.
Student Council meets daily.
Business meetings are held Tuesdays and Thursdays.

ASB / Student Council Duties and Responsibilities
Over the course of the year, Student Council organizes various events including Homecoming and its festivities, assemblies, an annual Talent Show, and our annual Tailgates. Students engage in the process of planning events and influencing issues that affect them through use of surveys, elections, daily student bulletins/announcements, and by welcoming notable guest speakers and performers to campus.
Aside from planning various events, ASB keeps track of Culver City High School’s budget, serves as high school representatives on the school board, and facilitates House of Representatives. We incorporate the voice of our student body in this process in order to encourage involvement and raise student morale.
Furthermore, we make an effort to correlate these events with curricula being taught in classrooms and involving the High School’s Student Outcomes in ASB’s day-to-day conduct and holding of events. For instance, one way in which the Student Outcomes of “Involved Citizens” and “Adaptable Problem Solvers” are implemented is by publicizing current global issues and presenting feasible options to the school in order to help solve these problems, such as placing donation boxes in every classroom or advertising an array of volunteering opportunities for students to participate in.

Blood Drives
Student Council holds three Blood Drives a year that students, staff, and the community are invited to participate in. Donors must be at least 17 years of age, weigh at least 110 pounds, not have donated blood in the last 60 days, and be in good health. The Blood Drives take place from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the High School Gym. For more information, contact Dr. Carlos Valverde, ASB Advisor.

ASB 2021-2022 Leadership 

ASB President: Katelyn Carrera

ASB Vice President: Delina Melaku

ASB Secretary: Diana Chavez

ASB Treasurer: Tyler Muir

Comm. of Activities: Katie Collazos and Anthony Prieto

Comm. of Athletics: Megan Goss and Ke'Niya Johnson

Comm. of Publicity: Analisa Calo and Analise Valverde

Ambassador of the Arts: Vanessa Andrick and Venice Poggi

Inter-Club Council Chairperson: Maryam Mala

Equity Rep: Teriah Holton 

PTSA Representatives: Anthony Prieto, Vannesa Andrick

Sustainability Coordinators: Chaney Szeto, Isabella Stehlin, Aliza Khan 

Site Council Representatives: Chaney Szeto, Tyler Muir, Venice Poggi

Mental Wellness Representatives: Venice Poggi

Historians: Analise Valverde, Anthony Prieto, Camilla Huntley, Nazira Paul, Alekzander Vaux

Fundraising Coordinators:  Katie Collazos, Alekzander Vaux 

Birthday Coordinators: Vanessa Andrick, Kennedy Wilson, Celeste Nunes, Chaney Szeto 

Spirit Wear Managers: Andres Martinez, Momoka Miyashiro, Ronaldo Valverde, Zineerah Siddique 

Internal Relations Managers: Ava Ayala, Diana Chavez

Sound System Managers: Aaron Salas, Amarachi Aije

Peace Garden Steward: Vanessa Andrick, Scarlett Cunningham Young

Special Events Coordinators: Teriah Holten, Ava Ayala, Isabella Stehlin, Alekzander Vaux

Senior Class President: Vanessa Andrick

Senior Class Vice President: Dayne Thompson

Junior Class President: Aliza Khan

Junior Class Vice President: Venice Poggi

Sophomore Class President: Bianca Egan 

Sophomore Class Vice President: Gabriela Gilbert

Freshman Class President: Flora Woo

Freshman Class Vice President: Kalia Lowitz

Activities Director
The Activities Director (ASB Advisor) is Dr. Carlos Valverde.
Assistant Principal of Activities
Assistant Principal of Activities is Mr. Oscar Rodriguez 
If you would like to contact ASB, you can reach us at [email protected].