Centaur Plus

Students may login to schedule their Centaurs Plus course by clicking on the following link: Centaur Plus Scheduling Link


You can access your student email through this link:  CCUSD Email
Centaur Plus is designed to provide academic support to all students within the school day. Without increasing minutes in the school day, the Tuesday/Thursday bell schedule will incorporate a 24-minute academic tutorial opportunity for all students in the subject of their greatest need. This is a chance for teachers to give skill-based interventions as well as enrichment opportunities and homework completion assistance based on the need of the student.

During the first few weeks of Centaur Plus, all 9th graders will be working with Link Crew leaders to learn about life lessons which pertain to both academic and personal life as well as getting help on class assignments. Concurrently, 10th-12th graders will be assigned to a specific teacher in the subject in which they are most struggling. Students excelling in all classes will have the opportunity to work on assignments, which will be a great relief for students with a heavy work-load, extra-curricular activities, or afternoon and weekend jobs. Even these students will have the opportunity to seek out a teacher for assistance in a subject as needed. Additionally, there are opportunities for all kinds of enrichment based on student interest: Chess, Yoga, Speech and Debate, etc.


Instructions on how to schedule yourself for Centaur Plus are attached below.