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Sports Medicine Pathway (Patient Care)

Prepare for a career in sports injury prevention, treatment & rehabilitation, nursing, physical therapy or athletic training.


The Sports Medicine Pathway is a two-year program that prepares students for success at post-secondary institutions or entry into the patient care industry.

SPORTS THERAPY                              (10,11, 12)                One Year 
Fulfills UC/CSU Requirements: NO

Course Description: 

This course educates students in the principles of sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. The course includes instruction in human anatomy, biological sciences, training in first aid, CPR, nutrition, exercise physiology, injury care and management. Students are required to participate in community training activities. There is a minimum of 30 hours per semester hands-on training in an athletic sports medicine setting. The course prepares a student for advanced studies in a Health Science related career such as a physician, nursing, physical therapy, or athletic training. 





SPORTS MEDICINE                                                                        (11, 12) One Year

Prerequisite: (ROP) Sports Therapy with a grade of “B” or better and satisfactory grades in effort and conduct.   

Fulfills UC/CSU Requirements: YES – Subject Area – G

Course Description:  

Sports Medicine is an intense course of study that covers human anatomy and physiology by examining how systems of the body interact through physical activity and inactivity. The prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of illness, disease, and injury are explored. Students conduct individual research with in depth reading and writing required. Participation in laboratory investigations and observations involving human anatomy and physiology are included to further aid in the learning process. 


This course aligns with and/or incorporates the National Health Care Skills and Health Science Career Cluster Standards, the California Career Technical Education Standards, Language Arts, Math and Science Standards, and the California High School Exit Exam. It also includes the LACOEROP Expected School-wide Leaning Results.



Teacher:  Marcos White