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Why has the release time for Wednesdays changed?

California passed SB 328 adds section 46148 to the Education Code and requires high schools to set the beginning of the school day no earlier than 8:30 a.m.  The reasoning behind this law is based on studies showing increased academic performance, school attendance, and health for students at schools that started later in the day.  Although schools can offer optional zero period classes, only instructional minutes offered after 8:30 am can count into a school’s instructional minutes.  California requires high schools to offer a minimum of 64,800 instructional minutes to their students. 

The new bell schedule sets CCHS in compliance for CCUSD’s forthcoming Federal Progress Monitoring; the district collaborated with CCHS Administration to develop a new bell schedule starting the 2023-24 school year to meet the minimum instructional minutes.  Additionally, discussions with Mr. Ray Long, CCFT President and CFT  were held to make sure the schedule would reflects the current CCFT Collective Bargaining Agreement.

So what does this mean for Centaur Plus?

CCHS is able to extend their Wednesday class periods to include additional instructional minutes for their students while continuing to offer CentaurPlus - a period designed for re-teaching, enrichment and or for students to explore educational opportunities including financial literacy, yoga, counseling groups and more.  CCHS continues to support our students thrive in their educational pathway.

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