Community Resources

Culver City High School works to meet the needs of all students. In order to succeed in school, students need to maintain healthy bodies and minds.  Counselors support to students dealing with a variety of issues including peer relations, emotional stress, substance abuse, family issues, bereavement, depression, and more. 
The Guidance Office provides at-risk referral services for students and families. In addition to the resources available on site, counselors may refer students and families to a number of social service organizations and mental health professionals.  The following organizations provide services:
Culver City Youth Health Center
-on-site physical and mental health services
-on-site substance abuse counseling
Of One Mind-Family Counseling (family, group, and individual therapy)
  • Opportunities For Learning (alternative education / independent study)
  • Entourage Buddy System- Support for General Ed. students who may feel isolated or may be in need of a mentor/friend during lunch 1x/wk.
In addition to the above list, we have a number of private referral sources.
Please contact your student's counselor with any concerns related to your student.