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Hello!  My name is Jenny Ta and I am currently teaching Biology.  I have also taught AVID, Advisory, CAHSEE Math Prep, Integrated-Coordinated Science (ICS), Marine Biology, and TEAM 9 Study Skills/Chirons in the past.  As you can see, I love science and helping students prepare for college and improve in school.   

I earned both my B.S. and M.Ed. from UCLA.  For my Bachelor of Science degree, I majored in Psychobiology with a Specialization in Computing and minored in Cognitive Science.  For my Master of Education degree, I completed the Teacher Education Program.   

I enjoy immersing myself in school activities, but this year, am taking a step back to focus on balancing work and family.  Previously, I was Peer Tutoring Program Coordinator, AVID Coordinator, and was involved with the School Improvement Site Council.  I also earned the Rookie Centaur Award given by the Chiron Honor Society.  

As for my hobbies, I like to read, go bowling, watch movies both at home and in the theaters, attend concerts, volunteer when time allows, and I LOVE to travel.  I love being a mom and spending quality time with my husband, 11-year-old stepson, and 3-year-old daughter, and my 15-month-old son.

I believe that all students have the potential to be successful.  Hopefully I can provide support and guidance to help students improve throughout the year.  I want students to not only learn biology topics and how they relate to the world around them but to also gain skills they can use in their other classes and in the future.




Recent Posts

"Playing God" Video

This is the link to the video we started on Tuesday and finishing on Thursday:  Most periods stopped around 20 minutes in.
On page 93 of your Bio Notebook, you should have 3 columns set up--Benefits (+), Risks (-), and Ex. of Genetically Engineered Products.  Watch the video and take notes on those 3 things.

Superhydrophobic Video

Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) coating that will repel most water-based and some oil-based liquids. It uses technology to coat an object and create a surface chemistry and texture with patterns of geometric shapes that have "peaks" or "high points". These high points repel water, some oils, wet concrete, and other liquids unlike any other coating.

Review of Organelles Video

Review the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and review the functions of organelles like the nucleus, nucleolus, DNA (chromosomes), ribosomes, mitochondria, etc. Also included are ATP molecules, cytoskeleton, cytoplasm, microtubules, proteins, chloroplasts,

Quiz #7 date moved

Quiz #7 (last one!) moved to Friday, 12.02.  Study from page 116 in Notebook, which includes types of cells, organelles and their functions, etc.