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Employees » Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Plans

SEMS and the Incident Command System

The Petris Bill [Section 8607 of the California Government Code] requires us to formulate the emergency response plans using the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS).  The primary element of SEMS that impacts our emergency plans is the Incident Command System (ICS).  ICS was developed by fire departments to give them a common language when requesting personnel and equipment from other districts, and common tactics when responding to emergencies.

Emergency information is in the Emergency Response Guide located in your emergency wall unit.  Teachers should take time at the beginning of each school year to review the information.  Below is some additional, site specific, information.

Earthquake and Fire Emergency Drill Procedures


Prior to an earthquake, it is important to explain the purpose for the “drop, cover, and hold” procedure used for earthquakes.  Most high school students are not able to take complete cover under their desks.  However, students can get their head under their desk.  Tell students to hold the legs of the desks/table to prevent movement.  This will protect their head and neck from flying glass and falling objects, such as light fixtures.

When you feel an earthquake (we will announce drills over the PA), everyone will:

               Drop under their desk or table;

               Cover the sides of their head with elbows; and

               Hold their position until they are instructed to evacuate.

The teacher will close all blinds, if possible.

 Stay Calm!  If you are indoors, stay there until the earthquake subsides and then evacuate the building.  Get under a sturdy table or desk.  Stay clear of windows, bookcases, and other heavy objects.  Watch for falling debris.  Teachers should tell their class to evacuate when the quake ceases.  Follow the evacuation procedures listed below. 

If you are outside, move to an open area away from power lines, trees, and walls.  If you are on a sidewalk near buildings, duck into a doorway to protect yourself from falling bricks, glass, and other debris.


We are required to keep students under our supervision until we release them to their parents.  Parents must report to the Harter Street exit first.  We will then send someone to get the student.

If communication systems were down and an individual in your class was injured, you would need to make judgments on your own.  Check with your “emergency buddy” teacher.  If the scene is safe, you have 1st Aid certification and you deem it necessary, stay with the injured party.  The “emergency buddy” teacher will supervise both classes and notify a rescue team member.

A predetermined route to the evacuation area for you and those under your supervision is indicated on the map attached to your emergency envelope.  However, the path may be obstructed.  Be prepared to alter your route based upon safety.  Try to keep it as direct as possible.

All staff (administrators, custodians, secretaries, aides, teachers without a class) must report to the evacuation area.  No exceptions.



At the ringing of the fire alarms—a continuous series of rings and flashing lights—the students will immediately evacuate the classroom in a calm and safe manner.


The evacuation area will be on the blacktop south of the gym. 

When students are in class, they will evacuate with that class. When students are at nutrition, lunch or in passing period, they will evacuate to the area of their previous class.  For example, students in passing period from 5th to 6th period would locate their 5th period teacher.  Additionally, students at nutrition would report to their second period teacher and those at lunch would report to their 4th period teacher.  During a modified schedule, students should locate the teacher that they had directly prior to nutrition or lunch.

Administrative, Security, and Health Center Personnel will meet and report to the Principal directly inside the gate next to the cafeteria.

 In all emergencies, the teacher’s first priority is to be responsible for his/her students.  It is important that the following general rules be followed:

  • Be sure that all students understand what they are to do in case of an emergency.
  • Instruct students on how to evacuate the room in the quickest and most orderly manner.
  • Appoint students to help by opening doors for evacuation, closing windows and doors, and assisting students with disabilities.
  • Individuals should take backpacks and purses with them.
  • Take your roll book, class stick and emergency clipboard w/vests with you to the evacuation area.

Make sure that your room is clear of all students before you exit.  Put your “red help card” on the door if someone is in the room and cannot be moved. This card is located in your emergency kit. Open the emergency kit and leave it in the room.

  • Unless it is dangerous to do so, follow the evacuation route on your emergency envelope.
  • Keep your students together during the evacuation.  Actively supervise at all times.
  • Please make sure that students do not stop at lockers or in the hallways on the way to the assembly area.
  • When you arrive at the evacuation area, have students line-up alphabetically for most effective roll-taking.
  • All students must be seated.
  • Take a “SECOND ROLL” at the evacuation area. (You also need to have updated class rosters in the emergency envelope.)  Report missing students on the emergency attendance form.
  • It is essential that classes remain at least 100 feet away from all buildings during a fire.
  • Remain in the evacuation area until you administration gives further instructions.


Campus safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Anyone could be the first person to see the shooter/dangerous person.  If you see a shooter/dangerous person and we have not already announced a lockdown, call security at 3003 immediately & lock your doors & windows.

A lockdown will be communicated through the PA system.  The following announcement will be made: “We are activating a lockdown.  Remain in your classroom or work area and move out of sight.  If you are outside, go to the nearest classroom with an open door and follow the directions of security/police.”  If you do not see an open door, keep running until you reach safety.  If you run off campus, report to La Ballona and check in with their office staff.  PE classes- Proceed to the nearest building (gym or weight lifting building).  Students will need to listen to their teacher’s instructions.

At that point, if your classroom door was already propped open, look into the hall.  If there are any students close to your door, pull them into your classroom as you are closing & locking the door.  Do not wait for a student at the other end of the hall.  If your classroom door is already closed when the announcement is made, open the door only enough to lock it.  Most of you can do this without your key by flipping the mechanism on your door.  If you have not done this before, please try it.  Next close & lock all windows.  If it is safe to do so, close your blinds.  Turn off all lights.  Do not unlock or open your door for any one or for any reason.  We understand that it will be difficult to ignore a panicked student, but opening your door for that one student could put 32 others at risk!

While you are doing this, students need to drop and cover.  Everyone should lie facedown, do not move or raise your head to “peak”.  There should not be any talking.  If possible, phone calls should be made from this position.  Use desks and furniture to create protection.  However, realize that most of those items are not bullet proof, but will help to visually conceal you.  Do not clump everyone together, stay spread out.

If you took any students or staff into your room or had any students out of class at the time the lockdown was activated, call the attendance clerks at 3344 or 3345.  Due to the volume of calls coming in, you may need to leave a message.  Please give the student/staff’s first & last name and state if they are out of your class, or you brought them into your class.

Once you have completed these tasks, be prepared to go a couple of hours without communication from the office.  No one leaves the room for any reason.  Ignore all bells.  Follow any directions that are given you by police.

An announcement will be made to notify everyone when the lock-down is over.

If this were to take place during passing periods, students should enter the closest classroom.  (Teachers- in this situation, only leave your doors open long enough to get the students who are right there into your classroom.  In this situation, we will take attendance when the situation is over or directed to do so by the police.)

If this situation were to take place at lunch, students should go into the closest classroom.  It will be extremely important to try to stay calm and listen to instructions.  The instructions will be dependant upon the situation.  For example- we may move students from the lunch patio into the gym or send them into the cafeteria, depending upon the situation.  If you see the shooter, run for safety.  Try to get behind an obstruction in as compact a position as you can.  Stay as close to the ground as possible.  Do not clump together as a group.

If this situation was to take place after school and students are with a staff member, the staff member must give the students instructions based on the situation.  If students are on campus, but not with a staff member, they should proceed to the nearest safe spot or to the front office if it is before 4:00.

During passing periods, at lunch, after school, or if students are out of class when a lockdown occurs, they should keep running until they reach safety.  If students run off campus, they should report to La Ballona Elementary School (on Washington) and check in with their office staff. 

Again, we understand that this situation is scary to think about.  We want everyone to know that security and campus safety are always top priorities.  If you or your students have any questions about this information, do not hesitate to ask Dr. Chapman.