Getting to know Ms. Reyes...

I am so happy to teach film at CCHS!
I look forward to meeting you and sharing my love of film as an art form and field of study.

I began teaching film history and production full time at CCHS in 2008. Prior to this, I worked on independent films in various capacities from Production Assistant to Director and for Public Television in Los Angeles (KCET) making documentaries and also working on set in live television. I have earned an MFA in Directing from UCLA, an MA in Art Education from LMU and a BA in Fine Art Photography from Mills College. I have a Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art and a Preliminary Career Technical Education Teaching Credential in Arts, Media, and Entertainment.

I am excited to teach four CTE Film I classes in addition to one advanced CTE Film II class during periods 1 ~ 5 daily. 

If you are a student who loves stories or has an idea for a film or if you are a parent who has any questions about your student's class, do not hesitate to contact me.

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18 Reasons to Take Film

18 Reasons to take film voiced by CTE Film II students who took film in person pre-pandemic and continue to take film remotely today (2019 ~ 2021).

  1. No math involved.

-Nestor Sanchez Martinez

  1. People should take film because sometimes we get to watch cool movies.

-Quincy Wright-Baptiste

  1. I like being hands on with cameras and stuff plus going outside. You should take film because it is fun, you get to watch movies, not as stressful as other classes, interesting, and hands on.

-Christopher Saez

  1. I came into film a little blind as to what was to come but it was genuinely one of the best experiences I’ve had in a class…. not just the curriculum but it kinda brings everyone together in a way.

-Ruben Arango-Banuelos

  1. I would tell them it’s a way to discover a fun aspect of watching films and learning how to use the equipment to make a film…. And you get to brainstorm ideas for your own stories.

-Andre Cardenas

  1. People should take film because it is one of the few electives that lets you express yourself by creating a film.

-Irving Mateo

  1. It has many creative opportunities in different fields.

-Nestor Sanchez Martinez

  1. ^

-Christopher Saez

  1. Its interesting to see the behind the scenes of how a film is made.

-Aden J. Marshall

  1. Like it’s just overall really fun and it was one of the only classes I actually enjoyed coming to. You (mrs. reyes) are such a wholesome person and make learning in ur class so easy bc of how easy to talk to u are.

-Ruben Arango-Banuelos

  1. You should take film because it is fun, and not only interesting but you get to know the ins and outs of the industry Los Angeles is known for. Additionally, you get to know how to watch movies with the eye of a filmmaker, and you learn how to use that eye to begin creating your own films (which is especially great if you intend to go into film like I do!) :)

-Willa Meloth

  1. You should take film because it gives you a chance to find a new way to express yourself creatively and watch things you wouldn’t have by yourself.

-TaMya Reliford

  1. People should take film because it’s a good class.

-Carlos Martinez

  1. People should take film because if you’re interested in cameras or a career in film you can learn the basics. Hands on experience 2nd semester as well.

-Juan Lopez

  1. You get to watch films that you might not have watched by yourself, and end up watching really good films and liking them

-Paola Cavalieri

  1. Film class is honestly a fun and easy class. If you like movies and making videos and watch youtube videos and like that stuff, you can do that in this class. We watch films from all over the world and learn different techniques of film making and learn the whole process of the movie industry. Film is a class I would recommend.

-Maxim Born

  1. Students should take film because it is a fun and rewarding experience. You often get to watch movies, read scripts, discuss film terminology, and learn about the process of making films. The class is never boring and there is always something fun planned for the week.

-Quincy Wright-Baptiste

  1. You should take film class because you really get in touch with your creative side and expand your ideas and working with others makes it fun and it shows you a whole new side of art and beauty.

-Nathan Smith

An Open Letter: Portraits and Voices in Quarantine

CTE Film I and Film II students explore social distancing measures in portraits, landscapes and voiced letters.

An Open Letter: Portraits and Voices in Quarantine

CTE Film I and Film II students explore social distancing measures in portraits, landscapes and voiced letters.

Teaching Film & Art at CCHS

Hello All,

As we come to the end of a very challenging semester, I would be remiss if I did not address the atrocity that occurred last week when George Floyd was murdered. I want to share the words of the CFT (California Federation of Teachers), teachers’ union with you. I think it is important for you, your families and our community to know where teachers stand:

The murder of George Floyd by a police officer was an unspeakable act of violence, and our communities across the country are responding to his murder with understandable grief and rage.

But we know this is not an isolated incident. Black communities, especially men, are exhausted and terrified because of the omnipresent structural and institutional racism they experience every day that often leads to violence against them.

As a union of educators and classified professionals, our work includes taking action to dismantle the systems and structures that uphold anti-Black racism in our schools and our communities.

We must continue to show up and speak up in solidarity for Black lives and refuse to be distracted from the urgent need for us all to work for racial justice every day. This work of anti-racism is for all of us – as individuals, as a union, in our schools, and across society – and we must remain fully committed to it until our vision of a just society is realized.

This is a time to be angry and demand justice. This is a time to demand change. This is not a time to look away. We honor these lives lost by pledging to do our part to dismantle systemic racism.

Please know, as a film teacher, I am focused on dismantling systems of oppression within education and ultimately within the film industry. I strive to teach inclusively, to expose students to the film work of under-represented people and to create educational and career opportunities for all students, especially those who have been historically discouraged from entering creative fields.

~Alexis Reyes

Here I am with some of my favorite silly (in the best possible way) students in 4th period!