Hello All,
Please check into Google Classroom and view our assignments.  The class code for Google Classroom is: y5owjhq
You can also email me anytime at: and I will be available from 8am until 3pm to answer any questions.
To gain points this week we are asking each student to participate in a MINIMUM of 35 minutes cardiovascular workouts each day.  Then provide a brief explanation of the exercises you performed at your house.  You may follow along to your favorite YOUTUBE activities for ideas. (Teen yoga, yoga for anxiety, meditation, hip hop fitness routine, circuit training, full body home workout) or you may choose to jog, walk, skate and be active outside.  Stay healthy and don't forget to take deep yoga breaths throughout the day to increase your oxygen flow.  Oxygen rich blood will elevate your immune system.  You know how to be healthy, just make good choices with your water intake, and dark leafy vegetables.