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Academic honesty policy
Culver City High School believes that personal integrity is basic to all achievement. Students will reach their full potential only by being honest with themselves and with others.

Culver City High School expects students to respect the educational purpose underlying all school activities.  Assume all assignments are individualized, unless otherwise directed by the teacher. We expect that students will not cheat. Students are expected to do their own homework, to test without external sources, and to submit original work for all assignments. Students are expected to deny all requests to copy from their own work.

Culver City High School recognizes that students are more inclined to cheat when there is little likelihood of getting caught. Students must know that CCHS teachers will not ignore or condone cheating and that anyone discovered cheating will be subject to disciplinary action and academic consequences.

Academic Honesty:
Students shall not misrepresent examination materials, research materials, classwork, and/or homework assignments as their own, when in fact they are the work of someone else. Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to the following:
The classroom teacher in charge is responsible for determining if cheating has occurred.

First Offense:
Student will receive a zero on the assignment.
Teacher will contact parent or guardian and warn them of possible consequences for subsequent offenses.
FYI referral will be sent to an administrator for recording.
Students will be penalized for second and/or third infractions if the incidents have taken place in the same academic year as the first infraction.

Second Offense in the same or any other class:
If the class is an A.P. or Honors class, student will be transferred to a regular class (with the same teacher if possible).
Student will receive a zero on the assignment.
Teacher will contact parent or guardian and warn them of possible consequences of subsequent offenses.
Student’s grade may be dropped by one letter grade at the teacher’s and administrator’s discretion.
Student will lose privileges, such as lunch pass, dance and game admission.
Student will receive a referral to an administrator or counselor.
Administrator/Counselor will inform all the student’s teachers that this is the student’s second offense.
Student may receive a “U” in a citizenship and ‘cheating” comment for the semester in the class where the second offense occurred.

Third or Subsequent Offense in the same or any other class: