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Grad Nite 2023

Culver City High School Contract
Grad Nite 2023 at Disney California Adventure Park
Anaheim, California – Friday, May 12, 2023
Check-In: 3:30 pm (Peace Garden)
Depart from CCHS 4:00 pm (in front of school)
Departure from Disney California Adventure: 2:00 am (meet for check-in at the bus)
Return to School/Pick-up 5/14: 3:00 am (in front of school)
Seniors in good standing are eligible to attend an all-day/night graduation party to be held at Disney California Adventure® Park in Anaheim, California on Friday, May 12, 2023 The Disney California Adventure Grad Nite is over at 2:00 am after which students will return to school via school transportation. Be advised that Disney California
Adventure® personnel will strictly enforce any and all rules necessary to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the Disney California Adventure® Resort. Your compliance with all rules and posted instructions are required as a condition of your participation in Grad Nite, including, without limitation, the requirement that you remain in the park and cannot leave the premises (parking lot) prior to 2:00 am.
As a student of Culver City High School I fully understand the school’s policies as stated in the Parent-Student Handbook and the regulations established by Disney California Adventure®. I hereby attest that I will comply with the regulations of safety, dress and decorum set for the 2023 Senior Grad Nite at Disney California Adventure® (listed on the reverse side). I promise that I will not board the bus from CCHS nor come to Disney California Adventure under the influence or in possession of alcohol; hallucinogens or any type of dangerous and illegal drug and will not partake of same during the event. I will comply with all rules regarding no smoking, dress/attire standards, and all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances of any and all governmental authorities having  jurisdiction. I understand that if I am suspended or incur serious disciplinary action after purchasing my ticket and prior to Disney California Adventure Grad Nite I will not be allowed to attend and the ticket will be not be refunded. I understand that any person not properly dressed in accordance with the dress/attire standards set by Disney California Adventure® (printed on the reverse side) will not be admitted to the Event and if they do not maintain such standards during the Event, a parent will be required to pick them up at Disney California Adventure®.

Culver City High School students violating the above will be subject to the rules and procedures of Disney California Adventure® Park, Anaheim, California. Violations of any of the above will be grounds for suspension from Culver City High School; participation in Graduation Ceremonies may be denied to any student violating these regulations.
*NOTE: Students must remain in good standing or eligibility may be revoked and money refunded.