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Centaur Olympics

Centaur Olympics

Event Details 

Experience a year filled with excitement as ASB puts together a series of engaging mini-games and events, inviting everyone to join in the fun. Each event presents a chance for every grade to earn points by succeeding & participating in unique challenges. The climax of the school year awaits, where the class with the highest point tally will be crowned the ultimate champion and awarded a special year-end prize—details to be unveiled soon. Yet, the true reward lies in the coveted bragging rights that accompany this victory! Follow us on the ASB Instagram for more updates & Information! *@culvercityhighschoolasb*. Leaderboard: **.

February Centaur Olympics: Spreading Culver Love


February Centaur Olympics will take place over the course of three days on Valentines Week, February 13th-15th. The theme is spreading love - and centaurs in each class will compete to “spread the most love + kindness”. Points will be based on each day's event.


Rules and Instructions:


Tuesday, February 13th: Love Notes

During nutrition and lunch, room 16 will be open to students to come in and write a nice note for a collective display that ASB will put up in a display case with encouraging and kind affirmations for peers to read. Each student can only write 1 note for 5 points for their class, but are not limited to writing more notes for the display.

Wednesday, February 14th: Cupid Scramble

The entire school day, empty spaces will be on the chalkboard displays to represent the letters to a phrase. Students will be given the riddle [written on the chalkboard, and in the morning announcements] and a couple letters of the phrase to figure out, and the first person to email [email protected].org [Class Competition Commissioner] receives 250 points for their class. By lunch, if students have not figured out the phrase, letters will be added as hints. Phrase will be revealed to all students at the end of the school day on instagram and website.

Thursday, February 15th: Heart Hunt

300 paper hearts will be scattered around campus, and students may take them and return them to an ASB member at room 16 during lunch. The first 200 students will receive a carnation. The class that brings back the most hearts get 500 points, 2nd 300 points, 3rd 200 points and 4th 100 points.

Students are not allowed to use class time to search or return hearts. Those who use class time to find or interrupt Dr. Valverde’s class will be subject to forfeit their hearts.

All points will be tallied up and added to current Centaur Olympic standings, with the class with most points declared the February winner.