Virtual Scheduling Fair

Virtual Scheduling Fair 


CCHS is excited to offer new classes that embed ethnic studies into its curriculum.  Ethnic studies is an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity, with an emphasis on the experiences of BIPOC communities in the United States which are often considered missing from traditional curriculum.  In Ethnic Studies courses, students critically grapple with the various power structures and forms of oppression that continue to have social, emotional, cultural, economic, and political impacts on our society.  Ethnic Studies courses center the often marginalized contributions made by BIPOC communities both in the local community and greater American society.  These courses provide examples of how collaborative social action can lead to a more inclusive society and just democracy.

New courses embedding Ethnic Studies starting during the 2022-23 school year:

  • Art and Culture
  • Race and Sports (semester class paired with Ethnic Studies for 11th and 12th graders)
  • English 11:  Ethnic Literature
  • English 12:  Ethnic Literature


Click on the Links below to learn about electives, CTE classes and AP classes:


Advanced Placement & Honors Classes:


Please note that students who take AP and Honors class MAY need to complete summer work and submit it by August 1st to remain in the classroom.  Please refer to the Summer Work link on the CCHS website for more information.


Grade 12 

Course Video Link
AP MacroEconomics
AP English Literature: Myths & Legends/ Sci-Fi & Fantasy Ms. Rowley (Links to an external site.) 
AP Government Mr. Plotnik (Links to an external site.) 
Intercultural Literature Dr. Valverde & Dr. Pernoon (Links to an external site.)
English 12 - Ethnic Literature Dr. Valverde (Links to an external site.)


Grade 11

Course Video Link
AP English Language Ms. Cordell and Ms. Barten (Links to an external site.)   
AP US History Mr. Minguet and Mr. Owens (Links to an external site.) 


Grade 10


Course Video Link
AP European History  Ms. Snyder (Links to an external site.)


Varied Grades - 


Course Video Link
AP Art Ms. Via (Links to an external site.)
AP Computer Science A see CTE Pathway
AP Environmental Science Mr. Lockett (Links to an external site.) 
AP Principles of Computers see CTE Pathway
AP French see French 3 videos listed below
AP Japanese 5 Ms. Gomyo (Links to an external site.) 
AP Spanish Language Ms. Harding and Ms. Davila (Links to an external site.)
AP Spanish Literature

Mr. Montero (Links to an external site.) 

AP Statistics  
AP Biology Dr. Della Donna (Links to an external site.)
AP Physics Mr. Bakunin (Links to an external site.) 
Honors Physics Mr. Bakunin (Links to an external site.)


Electives/Extra-curricular Programs

Course Video Link Application/Flyers
Chirons/Academic Mentors/Link Crew Leaders/Math Chirons Program information  Contact Ms. Julie if you have questions about the program. (Links to an external site.)

Information sheet about application (Links to an external site.)


Click here for the Application (Links to an external site.)

Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution by Peaceful Means (Links to an external site.)   
Ethnic Studies Dr. Young (Links to an external site.)  
Ethnic Studies/Gender Studies  Dr. Young and Ms. Shakeri (Links to an external site.)  
Ethnic Studies - Race and Sports (this is a semester class and will be taken with Ethnic Studies as the second semester)
French 3

Ms. Nichols  (Links to an external site.)

Ms. Nichols - video 2 (Links to an external site.)

French is awesome (Links to an external site.) 

CCHS Scheduling Fair: Study French! (Links to an external site.) 

Study French.MOV  

Japanese 1 Ms. Miyamoto (Links to an external site.)   
AVID AVID Application (Links to an external site.) 
Art & Culture  


Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathway classes:

CTE classes are an opportunity for students to have hands-on experiences in classes.


Click here to access the CTE Flyer which includes information about the CTE Pathways, courses and program.  Career and Technical Education Flyer (Links to an external site.)

2022-23 CTE Flyer - page 1.jpg 2022-23 CTE Flyer - page 2.jpg


View this video to see an Introduction to our Career and Technical Pathways.  Click here to see the video. (Links to an external site.)


Course Video Link Application/Flyers
AVPA videos - Learn about AVPA

AVPA Informational Video (Links to an external site.)

 (Links to an external site.) AVPA (Links to an external site.)

Click here for Web page for AVPA information. (Links to an external site.)
Introduction to Music Technology Mr. Aron (Links to an external site.)   

Adv Music Composition

Mr. Aron (Links to an external site.)


Film Production 1 

Film Production 2

Ms. Reyes (Links to an external site.) 

  Download CTE Film.pdf  

Ms. Reyes Teacher Page (Links to an external site.) 

Performing Arts - Theatre  Ms. Hanson (Links to an external site.)   
Architectural Design  Mr. Mesghali (Links to an external site.)  
Networking Pathway - IT Essentials & Networking Mr. Davis (Links to an external site.)  
Computer Science Pathway Mr. Davis (Links to an external site.)   
Sports Therapy 

Mr. White (Links to an external site.) 

Mr. White Part 2 (Links to an external site.) 

Technical Production Mr. Joshua (Links to an external site.)   
Dance  Ms. Zee Carol (Links to an external site.)   

See what we do:  Rose Parade Video (Links to an external site.)     

Chairman's Award Video (Links to an external site.)