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Jomeline Balatayo, Ph.D.

I am very happy to return to CCHS and teach English Language Development (ELD) and English 10 Honors after a 6-year absence. I left CCHS to attend graduate school in 2010.  Now, I hold a Ph.D. in Education from UC Santa Barbara, where I specialized in Language, Literacy, and Composition Studies with an interdisciplinary focus in Applied Linguistics (Go Gauchos!). I also graduated cum laude with my B.A. (English Literature and Language) and received my M.S. (Literacy Education) from the University of Southern California (Go Trojans!). 
While pursuing my Ph.D., I taught graduate courses in second language acquisition and development at Antioch University, Santa Barbara M.A. in Education/Education Specialist program and Pepperdine University M.A. in TESOL program, along with small-group undergraduate sections at UCSB (Intro. to Asian American Lit. and Freshman Summer Start Program).  As a teacher educator, I led a workshop for AmeriCorps volunteer tutors at the Santa Barbara County Office of Education (SBCEO) and served as the Co-Chair of the Graduate Student Caucus for the CA Council on Teacher Education. I also led, taught, and designed the curriculum for a grant-funded writing program called The Pen Pals under the auspices of the USC Joint Education Project and The African Millennium Foundation when I worked on my M.S. at USC. 
Upon graduating with my doctorate in 2014, I taught ELD and English 12 at a Los Angeles charter school to further develop my expertise in the education of English Learners. My research has been published in the Teacher Education and Practice journal, and I currently serve as member of the Committee on Accreditation for the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). The Committee's responsibility is to decide on the continuing accreditation of educator preparation institutions and programs in California and determine how national or alternative program standards compare with our state standards of educator programs.
I am passionate about preparing all high school students for college and beyond. Furthermore, I am eager to contribute my expertise in helping shape education research and policy to uplift minority language youth. Hence it is my deep pleasure and honor to teach at Culver City High School! 


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Dr. Jomeline Balatayo
ELD & English 10 Honors Teacher