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College & Career Center » Choosing a Major / Career Exploration

Choosing a Major / Career Exploration

Use our Bridges Program-  To Explore, Plan, Achieve
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Complete a Comprehensive Self Assessment
  • What are your interests, skills and strengths?
  • What are your favorite academic subjects?
  • What areas do you need to improve in?
  • What types of hobbies, activities, or projects bring you the most satisfaction?
  • What type of work environment would you feel most comfortable working in?
  • Do you like to work with others or independently?
  • Are you most comfortable being the one in charge or do you prefer to follow directions?
  • What types of circumstances do you find most stressful?
  • Do you work better under a strict deadline or do you prefer a less structured environment?
  • Do you function better early in the morning or later in the evening?

What is Important to You
  • What are your dreams and goals for the future?  Where do you see yourself in ten years, twenty years?
  • What are your values?
  • What are your priorities: family, money, stability, fame, making a difference, traveling. etc?
  • Is it important to have variety in your work?
  • Is it important to have opportunities for career advancement?
  • How do you define success?
  • What type of lifestyle do you dream of having in the future?
Research Career Opportunities and Employment Trends
  • Salary ranges
  • Job responsibilities, duties, work environment
  • Skills necessary for the field
  • Pro and cons of each job/career
  • Education and training requirements for specific jobs/careers
  • Short term and long term occupation outlook
  • Talk with people who are actually already in your field of interest
  • Take elective courses to test out majors at your local community college
  • Complete volunteer work in fields you may be interested in
  • Consider a major and minor or a double major
  • Get involved in clubs, organizations and sports to develop new skills and explore interests
  • Find an internship to gain experience and help you choose future options
To help you with your self assessment, I would recommend the following resources:
  • Visit the College Career Center – Start a Bridges account
  • Use Major and Career reference materials available at the College Career Center
  • Participate in Project Shadow and Career Opportunities Program available during the spring semester.  Information will be disseminated through the school bulletin.