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dress code

The pride of Culver City High School is our students. Each student brings to our school the potential to become a productive and successful adult. Culver City High School has established standards to prepare students for success in the working world. We believe it is necessary to develop a sense of appropriate dress for all occasions.

The standards below are designed to promote success and safety for our students, staff and community.

1. The following items of dress are unsuitable for our academic environment:

Any article of clothing which exposes undergarments and/or posteriors.

See-through garments, clothing with large holes, mesh tops and/or shorts exposing the body, bare midriff tops, tank tops, basketball jerseys without shirts, muscle shirts, (boys’ shirts must have sleeves) spaghetti-strap tops, (girls’ tops must have a minimum two inch strap width) off-the shoulder tops, or backless tops. All shirts must touch top of pants at all times. All these items are unacceptable at school even when worn under an over-garment (i.e. coat, sweater, etc.).

Clothing that portrays suggestive, derogatory or insulting pictures or writing.

Any clothing, excessive cosmetics, hair style or hair accessories that attracts undue attention or presents a disruption (examples: bandanas, scarves, kerchiefs, do-rags, headbands, excessive face, eye or lip make-up).

Any article of clothing that refers to any type of alcohol, drug, or act, which is illegal or hazardous to one’s health (examples: alcohol brands, tobacco products, marijuana, firearms, weapons, etc.)

Any article of clothing, which in any way is suggestive and/or can be construed to have a “double” meaning.

Any apparel with emblem, printing, drawing, etc., that creates animosity between groups or individuals, or shows disrespect for any group, belief, or ethnicity.

Clothing that depicts violence, hate, or death (examples: skull and crossbones, satanic symbols, firearms/weapons, etc.).

Garments, accessories, grooming, or slogans that symbolize gang affiliation. This includes belt buckles which reflect or identify the name of a gang/group, or bear initials not related to student’s name, and wearing more than one buckle.

Footwear should be safe and appropriate for normal activities. According to Board policy, the following footwear should not be worn to school: beachwear (flip-flops), bedroom slippers, soft-soled leather moccasins, footsies, steel-toed shoes. Any footwear without heel straps violates CCUSD Board Policy; therefore slides/mules may not be worn.

2. Hats/caps may be worn outside only, and only for protection from the sun. NO hats/caps are permitted to be worn in school classrooms or buildings at any time. *ONLY approved Culver City High School caps may be worn. These caps/hats display various logos and will be available for purchase by the entire student body. No other caps displaying any other logos will be permitted. If a student is wearing another type of cap it will be confiscated.

3. All clothing should be worn appropriately, as it was designed, and in the interest of avoiding health and safety problems (examples: suspenders and overalls).

Please remember to use common sense when dressing for school. Anything that is out of the ordinary or causes distraction in an educational setting could be considered questionable dress, and parent contact will be made. Students may need acceptable clothing to be delivered or be sent home to change. In cases of questionable dress, which are not covered above, the decision made by the administration regarding inappropriate dress will prevail. Parental cooperation is expected when home contact is made regarding violations of the established dress guidelines.