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Ms. Howard's Insights

Happy 2016'-17' School Year CCHS!!!

Let us not forget to instill HOPE in our children and in each other. As we are all incredibly busy and often overburdened with a multitude of variables, slowing down and providing a child or a stranger a little bit of peace...a tiny corner of comfort...or a "permission slip" to regain composure goes a long way and instills compassion (almost enough power to save a day or even a heart from worry).

At CCHS, we are a community of educators, mentors, and guides-here to uplift eachother in order to prepare for the 21st century academic, social, and emotional challenges ahead.

Currently, I work with students whose last names fall under A-Crosby. I am inspired by parents who work closely with their children, counselor (s) and teachers. I often encourage dialogue between the counselor, teachers, and parent(s) in order to help our pupil reach their highest academic potential. As a team, we will disintegrate barriers and eliminate the possibility of miscommunication.  Please do not hesitate to drop me an email or make an appointment to discuss your needs.

I look forward to another successful school year whereby we all work conscientiously toward the common goal of inspiring/instilling academic, social, and career guidelines for our youth by utilizing 21st century tools.

I thank you every day for your support and compassion for our community of learners!!
Ms. Rebekah Howard
Counselor (A - Crosby)
(310) 842-4303 (fax)
4401 Elenda Street
Culver City, CA 90230