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Hello! My name is Ciara Mansour and I am teaching Biology this year at Culver City High School. This is my first year as a teacher at CCHS, but I was fortunate enough to work here last year while obtaining my Masters Degree from Pepperdine University, Go Waves! I was born and raised in Los Angeles where I have played competitively in over 10 sports and received my bachelors in Biology from CSUN. While there I also had the opportunity to work with Project Grad and Tomorrow's Scientists to help teach grades from 6th to 11th in science related topics. I am looking forward to a great year at CCHS and getting to meet more people in this amazing community!

Recent Posts

March 7th- March 25th

For the next 3 weeks the students will be learning about DNA, RNA and how cells grow and divide. We will first look at the structure of DNA and how RNA is used to create proteins (Chapter 12). Then we will look at how cells grow and divide (Chapter 10). 

February 22-March 4th

For the next two weeks students will be learning about the process of cellular respiration and how it relates to the process of photosynthesis. At the end of these two weeks students will be given a test that will include information from chapter 8 and 9 in their text book. This test will be on March 4th and will include information from those chapters as well as any labs and activities that were done in class. 

February 16-19th

This week in biology, students will be learning about the importance of Photosynthesis and how this process produced sugar and oxygen. 

Week 18

This week, January 1-8, we will be learning about how chemical reactions and enzymes work. This correlates with section 2-4, pages 49-53, in the text book.

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