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Link Crew - Link Alerts

Link Alerts
Why should CCHS incorporate Link Alerts into the school culture?
With Link Alerts, seniors reach out to freshmen who have showed a negative change in behavior; acting as a guide to make it possible for freshmen to get the help they need. Students helping students, student empowerment!
Link Alert process:
  1. When a teacher notices a change of behavior in a freshman, they fill out a Link Alert.
  2. Change of behavior: used to be talkative and now are silent, used to do all their homework and now do little to none, decrease in personal hygiene, drastic change in clothing, etc. MAJOR issues should not be done through Link Alerts, Link Alerts do not change previous standards for reporting major and significant concerns.
  3. The Link Alert form is completed by the teacher and given to Ms De Armond through email, mailbox, or brought to room 67. The Link Alert document can be found on website under the Employees section.
  4. Ms. De Armond immediately alerts the counselors to see if there’s anything already going on with the child; all of the student’s teachers will be placed on this email. If the teacher who completed the Link Alert is not the student’s teacher, they will also be on the email.
  5. If the counselors don’t have any objections, then a Link Crew Commissioner is contacted.
  6. Students on the team are LC Commissioners who are trained to respond to Link Alerts. LCC are not counselors, they are not psychologists, they are teen leaders that know WHO to go to on campus if a student is having a problem.
  7. Team is trained and reviewed by Ms. De Armond during after school and lunch sessions
  8. LCC only knows the student’s name and class, no details are given to the LCC. Link Alerts are kept confidential.
  9. If the LCC knows the freshmen, they are to call Ms De Armond ASAP; another LCC will be assigned immediately.
  10. LCC receive a pass to leave class, the teacher whose class they are missing must approve this of.
  11. LCC takes the student out of class and tells them, “Hey, I’m ____NAME___ from Link Crew. One of your teachers has noticed a change in your behavior. Is there anything going on you want to talk about?”
  12. LCC will not make promises to be quiet or keep secrets, LCC will not give advice or share specific stories about what they or other people have gone through, LCC will listen to the student, determine who on campus can help the student, then take the student to see that adult. If needed, LCC will stay with the freshman until they freshman is able to see that adult.
  13. If student wants to talk, they can talk and LCC can bring the student to the adult on campus that can help them the best.
  14. If the student doesn’t want to talk, a paper with the adults on campus and various toll-free numbers is given to them in addition to contact information for the LCC.
  15. Follow-up will be done by LCC in 48 hours and Ms. De Armond sends an email report to the student’s teachers.